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"Our ties are in T20 mode now!" Prime Minister Modi on strengthening ties with Australia

“My buddy Prime Minister Albanese is visiting India in two months, and I will be in Australia at that time. In the last year, we have met six times. This demonstrates the depth of our relationships overall, our shared values, and the maturity of our bonds. In the terminology of cricket, our relationships have moved into the T20 era, according to PM Modi and Australian PM Anthony Albanese at a joint news conference. Additionally, he extended an invitation to Prime Minister Albanese to the cricket World Cup in India, saying, “You will get to see the grand Diwali celebration.”
“I cordially welcome Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and all Australian cricket supporters to India for the 2019 Cricket World Cup. You will also be able to see India's lavish Diwali festival at that time, according to PM Modi.
The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup, which India will host for the first time in its entirety, is anticipated to begin on October 5 and conclude on November 19, with the championship game being played at the Narendra Modi venue in Ahmedabad, the biggest cricket venue in the world.
“I met with PM Modi six times in my first year as Prime Minister, demonstrating the importance we have on strengthening connections between our countries. The Indian-Australian community has made Australia a better place, and we want to see deeper ties between our nations, the Australian Prime Minister stated.
On Wednesday, Prime Ministers Anthony Albanese and Narendra Modi met in Sydney for bilateral talks that strengthened their countries' relationship.
Although the Australia-India relationship is already solid, both parties saw room for improvement.
The summit underlined their commitment to an open, prosperous, and safe Indo-Pacific region and expanded on the conclusions from the Australia-India Annual Leaders' Summit in March.
“The basis of our relations is our shared commitment to democracy. Mutual trust and respect are the basis of our relationships. Indians residing in Australia serve as a live link between our two nations. I launched “Little India” of Harris Park with Prime Minister Albanese last night at the Indian community celebration. At the ceremony, I could also feel how well-liked Prime Minister Albanese was, PM Modi stated at the joint news conference.
He said that they spoke about advancing the Australia-India Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in the next ten years during their discussion with Prime Minister Albanese.
The presidents spoke about how strong the connection was between their countries in terms of trade, investments, and business, and they reaffirmed their desire for the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement to be completed as soon as possible.
“We held in-depth conversations on the extent of our cooperation in new areas. The Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement between India and Australia went into force last year. We have chosen to concentrate on the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement today. This will deepen our economic alliance and provide new opportunities for collaboration, according to PM Modi.
The leaders announced the completion of the Australia-India Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangement, which will promote the two-way mobility of students, graduates, academic researchers, and business people while also enhancing cooperation to prevent irregular migration and people smuggling. This agreement will further strengthen the economic and people-to-people ties between our two countries.
“We signed the Partnership Agreement on Migration and Mobility today. This will make our living bridge more stronger. In order to further our growing partnership, we will shortly establish a new Indian Consulate in Brisbane, as I previously mentioned, just as Australia recently announced building a new Consulate in Bengaluru.
The terms of reference for the Australia-India Green Hydrogen Taskforce have been agreed upon, the Prime Ministers said today, and they appreciated the work made toward its formation.
“We held fruitful conversations about how to improve our strategic partnership in the mining and critical minerals industries. In the field of renewable energy, we pinpointed certain opportunities for collaboration. We made the decision to form a Green Hydrogen task group. I had fruitful conversations with Australian CEOs yesterday about investments in many sectors, and today at Business Roundtable, I'll talk about trade, investment, and technological collaboration,” stated PM Modi.
He said, “India will soon become the third-largest economy in the world. India looks forward to further Australian investment in India. I believe there is enormous potential for future collaboration between India and Australia, between our private sectors. We are developing a favorable environment for attracting more investment in India, in industries like electronics, defense, and other areas. Additionally, the CEO roundtable that was held during your recent visit to India was a very encouraging step.
According to him, India and Australia have relations that go beyond just our two nations and are related to regional stability, world peace, and human welfare.
PM Modi said that he and Prime Minister Albanese addressed Indo-Pacific problems at the recent Quad Summit in Hiroshima.
He said that collaboration between India and Australia may help the Global South develop.
The main focus of India's G20 presidency is the Indian tradition known as “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” which sees the whole globe as one big family. For Australia's assistance with our G20 efforts, PM Albanese has my sincere gratitude, added PM Modi.
Meanwhile, the new Centre for Australia-India Relations will have its main office in Parramatta, according to announcements made by Prime Minister Albanese and Foreign Minister Penny Wong. Through corporate, policy, and cultural initiatives as well as collaboration with Indian diaspora groups, the Centre, which started operating this month, will promote stronger engagement with India. CEO Tim Thomas and Chair Swati Dave will be in charge of the Center.
The decision to rename a road along Perth's Swan River in honor of Private Nain Singh Sailani, one of 12 known ANZACs from the Indian community who served in the Australian Imperial Force during the First World War, was also applauded by the leaders.
The deep and solid ties that Australia has with India have been enhanced by Prime Minister Modi's visit to Australia. We must invest in this connection. According to Albanese, Australia will profit from its strong cooperation with India in terms of trade, commerce, and investment as well as in terms of regional security and stability.

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