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Virat Kohli poses for photos with fans and autographs mementos, calling himself “My Most Favorite Batsman of All Time”

<p>The batsman Virat Kohli is a popular favorite. The renowned Indian batsman is considered by many as one of the best hitters to have ever played international cricket, and his fame knows no bounds.</p>
<p>Kohli has been preparing for the next ICC World Test Championship in what will be a demanding year for him and his team at the international level while he is now a member of the Indian Test squad for the West Indies trip.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-66978″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1403″ height=”942″ srcset=” 274w,×101.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1403px) 100vw, 1403px” /></p>
<p>While in Dominica, the location of India’s first Test match against the West Indies, which begins on Wednesday, Kohli took some time out of his hectic schedule to pose with fans and autograph mementos for them.</p>
<p>“Mr. Kohli, you are my all-time favorite batsman. He also signed something for me. So I’m grateful for it,” a jubilant fan was heard saying in a video that BCCI posted on Twitter.</p>
<p>While posting photos from his vacation to social media, Kohli has been visiting Dominica.</p>
<p>He further posed alongside India’s head coach Rahul Dravid, going back in time and pointing out that they are the only two members of the team left from the 2011 Test that was played here.</p>
<p>The last test we played in Dominica in 2011 only had two people. We never anticipated that the path would bring us back here in a variety of roles. Highly appreciative,” wrote Kohli.</p>
<p>The Indian squad will resume play after a remarkable one-month hiatus.</p>
<p>The players have been taking advantage of a much-needed break since their previous game, the ICC World Test Championship final against Australia in June, before traveling to Barbados to get ready for the two-match series.</p>
<p>On the trip, which ends on August 13, India is also slated to play three ODIs and five T20Is.</p>
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