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When it comes to J-K, things are improving, according to Jaishankar

S. Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, remarked that while things are improving in Jammu and Kashmir, there would be efforts to disrupt them since “there are interested parties, one lives right across.”
Speaking during an interactive session on the Modi government's foreign policy, Jaishankar said that there will be difficulties with regard to Jammu and Kashmir. He did, though, advise them to make an effort “to persevere, infuse that sense of confidence, to give that sense of hope, and to ensure there is security.” When questioned about the money for terrorism as well as the investment coming from the Middle East in Kashmir, Jaishankar said, “Clearly, things are changing for the better in Jammu and Kashmir. However, the economy, job possibilities, and the whole ecosystem that comes with a far more robust economy and civil society are really part of what needs to keep evolving. Because there are interested parties—one of whom lives directly across—attempts to disrupt it will be made, we shouldn't anticipate that there won't be difficulties. There will be, and it won't just be the western neighbours; there will also be others.
He said, “So, there will be challenges but our effort should be to persevere, to infuse that sense of confidence, to give that sense of hope, to ensure there is security and that is really what the government is doing.” He emphasised that the government is working to instill a sense of confidence among the people and is determined to overcome obstacles. We must also acknowledge that the men and women of our nation make sacrifices for all of this to occur, whether they are serving in the military, providing security, or managing the country's government. We will likely continue to do this, in my opinion.
He said, “We know there will be obstacles, but we are very, very determined to overcome that.”
Jaishankar said the following on his official Twitter account: “Spoke at Mysuru on the Modi Government's Foreign Policy. Thank the Palace City inhabitants for coming out in such great numbers and the Thinkers Forum for organising. Their participation today is a declaration that the Modi Government has transformed India today and that interested people want to make educated decisions in the greatest democracy in the world.
Jaishankar emphasised India's reaction to international geopolitics at the interactive session on the Modi government's foreign policy in Mysuru.
“I believe there are times when, as I previously said, being around decent people makes you pleasant. Pushing back is sometimes essential when dealing with unpleasant individuals. But I would say this because this has been my experience over the last year,” Jaishankar said in response to inquiries on the speeches given by the former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan, who praised India for having an independent foreign policy.
Imran Khan showed a Jaishankar video clip while speaking to a crowd in Lahore in 2022 and lauded India for its independent foreign policy.
“There are moments when you're forced to sit and practically contain it, wondering how India is able to accomplish this. How do you feel about this stance? At that point, you could be asking yourself, “What should I do?” When something happens, do you try to make peace or do you express your opinion? And if someone is acting extremely selfishly, they are just considering their interests and points of view, not the rights of others. Tell them that there are different interests and points of view, etc.,” Jaishankar said.
Speaking on the foreign policy of the Union government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Jaishankar said there are instances in which people must have faith in the administration and recognise its commitment to its nationals overseas.In Mysuru, Jaishankar said, “There are times when the people need to trust the government, need to comprehend that this is a government with systems in place, with a commitment to citizens abroad.”

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