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Empuraan Got Dulquer Salmaan Rolled In? “We Can’t Just Start Off,” Prithviraj Says | Exclusive

<p>Superstars of Malayalam cinema Prithviraj Sukumaran and Dulquer Salmaan are well-known for being close friends and often appear in each other’s videos that are shared on social media. But even though there have been rumors that Prithviraj may make brief cameos in Dulquer’s movies Kurup and King of Kotha, the two have never appeared on screen together. It goes without saying that their fans are eager for them to collaborate on a movie.</p>
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<p>In an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha, Prithviraj explains the reason why a movie of this kind hasn’t been made before. “I would like to work on a movie with him and do something together. Dulquer would undoubtedly say the same thing. I am aware that many are anticipating seeing Dulquer and myself together. And since it’s so eagerly awaited—at least in Malayalam—we both have an obligation to contribute to this kind of movie only when a screenplay like that is presented to us, he tells us straight.</p>
<p>We can’t simply start out from the other end of the conceptualization saying, ‘Let’s make a film together and then start hunting for a story,’” Prithviraj says, discussing how they’re both waiting for fantastic material to come their way that can do honor to their first ever collaboration. That is not the appropriate course of action. Consequently, maybe one day a screenwriter or director will approach us both and tell us that there’s a screenplay for us, and we both agree that we’d be a good match for the roles.</p>
<p>There have been rumors circulating recently that Prithviraj has cast Dulquer in his next film, L2: Empuraan, which is the second installment of a trilogy that would follow the Malayalam blockbuster Lucifer. He informs us, “I haven’t released any cast details on Empuraan,” in response to the report. Therefore, Mr. Mohanlal is the only individual I can certify as of right now.</p>
<p>Prithviraj tells us that he isn’t especially interested on directing a multilingual film, despite the fact that he was just featured with Telugu superstar Prabhas in the pan-Indian blockbuster Salaar. He also discloses that Prashanth Neel wasn’t considering enlisting performers from other markets in order to make Salaar a pan-Indian production.</p>
<p>When the Jana Gana Mana and Kaduva actor informed Prashanth that the pandemic would prevent him from doing the movie, he realized it. “I wasn’t the only option if all he wanted was a star,” he adds, remembering the incident. Prashanth Neel is who he is, and he had the option to see everyone following KGF 2. Prithviraj was Vardharaja Mannar in his imagination. As a director and performer, I’m also skilled enough to read a screenplay, listen to a narration, and determine whether the focus is on the actor or the star. The intention is to give the actor, not the celebrity, the last say.</p>

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