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Tea With Karan 8: Janhvi Kapoor Discusses Shikhar Pahariya “I Have Not Seen Many Men Capable Of Being…”

<p><strong>New Delhi:</strong> The latest edition of the chat show’s eighth season had some typical Koffee With Karan moments, including some bean-spilling. The newest visitors, Janhvi Kapoor and her sister Khushi discussed movies, relationships, and other topics. On the show, Janhvi Kapoor discussed her rumored lover, Shikhar Pahariya. “Your romantic journey has been rather fascinating. You dated Shikhar, moved on to someone else, and are now back together with Shikhar. True or not, Janhvi was questioned by Karan Johar.</p>
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<p>Janhvi Kapoor said, “I won’t say that, but let me say this: he is there for her (Khushi), for Dad, and for all of us family members; he has been a friend from the beginning. Not in a manner that gave me the impression that he is a pushover, expecting anything, or any of those things. He was just there in a manner that I have not seen many guys capable of being there for another human being—a really unselfish, respectful way.”</p>
<p>Janhvi Kapoor also discussed why she wouldn’t date actors in the show. “You also have a philosophy which we have spoken about that you don’t really want to date actors because you think it is somewhere or the other turbulent,” said Karan Johar.</p>
<p>Janhvi said, “I am really conceited. I believe that this is a career that requires constant obsession and total consumption of the self. I want to be the object of someone’s obsession. To be allowed to have your moment, you need someone to be alright with you. It must be in balance. However, I’ve seen that actors have a strange and intense rivalry with one another. When there is an actor, there is always tension, and I find it tough to handle that feeling because I want to be completely committed and I demand that kind of commitment, and I believe that working in the same industry may be challenging.”</p>
<p>When Janhvi Kapoor was asked by Karan Johar to “name three people on your speed-dial list” during the Rat Race round. She said, “Papa, Khushu (Khushi) and Shiku (as in Shikhar Pahariya).”</p>

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