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After a lengthy incident during the Lord’s Test, MCC restricts access for its members

<p>After limiting the access of MCC members after the Long Room incident, who harassed Australian players during the Lord’s Test, the club said that they ‘brought dishonor’ to its great heritage and a ‘tougher position’ would be adopted shortly.</p>
<p>Following Jonny Bairstow’s contentious stumping on the last day of the second Test, the Australian opening pair of Usman Khawaja and David Warner were seen having a furious debate with spectators in the Long Room, which is only available to MCC members and their visitors.</p>
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Security intervened as a consequence of the event to separate the cricketers from the members.</p>
<p>According to the “Guardian,” Bruce Carnegie-Brown, the chair of the MCC, denounced the incident in an email to the club’s members, writing, “I cannot discount the effect that the behavior of a few members has had on the reputation of our club. The members seen on tape have disgraced MCC.</p>
<p>The wonderful things our club undertakes to further and honor the game of cricket are hampered by their activities. Our capacity to fulfill our responsibilities as stewards of cricket’s rules and spirit is hampered by their conduct.</p>
<p>On the final day of the Lord’s Test, Bairstow dodged a slow bouncer from Cameron Green and stepped casually out of the crease believing the ball to be “dead.” However, the ball wasn’t dead because Australian wicketkeeper Alex Carey intentionally aimed the ball at the stumps, which led to the third umpire ruling the England batter out.</p>
<p>The incident drew boos and cries of “same old Aussies, always cheating” from the home crowd during the game. Later, coaches and captains spoke out, with Brendon McCullum and Ben Stokes alleging that the game’s integrity had been violated.</p>
<p>The most recent development is that MCC has chosen to “expand the roped-off area through which players walk when they transition from the dressing rooms to the pitch.” Additionally, it prohibited people from utilizing the stairs while teams moved through the building.</p>
<p>The Australian women’s team’s T20 match against England on Saturday will mark the implementation of the new regulations.</p>

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