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IPL 2023: Dhoni discusses his retirement intentions and says, "This is the perfect time to retire"

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK), also known as Captain Cool, and captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, won the IPL 2023 championship. After the last game, renowned commentator Harsh Bhogle questioned Dhoni about his future intentions. Dhoni clarified his position on the IPL in the end. Dhoni said that he will play another season after taking home the fifth IPL championship.
Mahi said that he would want to play for his supporters for at least one more season. Dhoni revealed his preparations at the award ceremony that followed the decisive game. “Even though this is the perfect moment for me to announce my retirement, I want to thank everyone for the kindness they have shown me this holiday season. It's simple for me to express my gratitude, but it's challenging to work hard for another nine months. I'd want to continue playing, but a lot will depend on how well my body holds up.
Dhoni told Harsh Bhogle that he still has six to seven months. Dhoni was quite pleased with the fans' support. This is the end stage of his career, according to Dhoni. “I feel sad since this is the final stage of my IPL career. When I played here in the opening game of this season, I believe that's where it all began. My name was being yelled across the stadium as I stepped onto the pitch.

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